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It’s ‘Friday’

Oh, I do love a long weekend!


This week has been ridiculous, but at least it was a short week.


In case you’re curious, the drama of the last post has been…whatevered. Resolved? Something.


And C is coming to visit this weekend…always a bonus. 😀


12 miles tomorrow morning…can she do it?



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The other day one of my friends from college posted on FB that she wasn’t feeling well. The next day, she said she thought she had strep so she was going to the doctor. I sent her a message asking for her address…I had just made a batch of the aforementioned Chicken & Wild Rice Chowder so I thought I’d take some over to her.

Thursday was my first double-digit run…10 miles. It was about 53 degrees and raining. Fabulous. I also had impending darkness to contend with, so I needed to start my run by 4:30. Well, because I ran the soup over to my friend, I wasn’t out the door until about 5:00. It was pouring on my way home from the soup delivery, but when I left for my run…no rain. I got drizzled on for a mile or two on the run, but nothing major. After I got home, it started pouring again.
Karma. It’s a powerful force.

(And that 10 miles, after my 9 the previous weekend on some crazy hills, was almost a piece of cake. It wasn’t that easy…maybe it was like two pieces of cake. Carrot cake. I’m not wild about carrot cake. It’s like cheesecake – cheese and sugar don’t belong together. I know, I’m a freak. But they don’t. Same with vegetables. Vegetables and sugar don’t mix.)

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easy 2

I have an easy 2 miles scheduled today. Since I’m having dinner with friends later, I need to head out, oh, about now. Running’s been a little tough lately. Non-major pain has been making it mentally difficult to keep going. I’m hoping this cloud lifts and my mojo comes back soon.

I’d better get moving. It’s 83 degrees but only 59% humidity. Road? Treadmill? If I hit the road, I don’t have to drive to the gym…and it’s only 2 miles…

Alright, I’m going now.

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