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I write here never.

1. I have no time.

2. I’m fairly certain the interwebs care none about the mundane details of my life.

So I started thinking about what’s in my Google Reader and why I read what’s there.

An Inch of Gray…she’s funny and authentic.

Creating Post It Notes…a food blog. I probably can’t make any of the recipes on there, but a girl can dream. Plus the pictures are lovely.

Cupcake Martini…she’s a very talented card maker. And she’s funny.

finslippy…SO. FUNNY. (I have a thing for funny, it seems.)

From Holland With Love…she’s an Australian living in Holland…she doesn’t post often, but when she does it’s generally nice photos of interesting places. I’m touring Europe vicariously.

I Should Be Folding Laundry…she captures the essences of life in poetic and thoughtful ways. Plus she has her bidness together. I hope to be that with it some day.

Kevin & Amanda’s Recipes…um, food. Hello. And it’s do-able food, which I love. Because while I’m not a gourmet chef, I am also not incompetent in the kitchen.

Kimberly Michelle…she’s super crafty!

Like a Good Mystery Unfolding…I knew her husband in college and I’ve met her a couple of times…I like the way she writes.

Miss K’s Aromaleigh Blog…this is the makeup I use. Gotta find out about the sales!

My 2 Cents…professor-turned-friend, great and often hilarious writing.

Random Esquire…SO. FUNNY.

Searching for Oz…I think if we lived in the same town, we’d hang out. We seem similar, I think.

Secret Agent L…chronicles of random acts of kindness. I’m a fan of those.

Suburban Bliss…again with the funny. And I figure if all these people can survive having kids, I have a fighting chance.

The “I Do” Chronicles…because I’m getting married one of these days.

TiffanyD…tips and tutorials on how to do makeup. Very helpful if you are makeup impaired like me.

Two Wishes…Cutest. Baby. EVER. (I know other people have babies that are also very cute. I know they think their own kids are the cutest ever. And I know that once I have *my* own I’ll think they’re the cutest ever. When they’re not barfing at 3am, that is. But in the meantime, this one gets the prize.)

Young House Love…house fabulousness! Love.

Well. That’s the tour of my Google Reader. And now I need to go practice, which is what I’ve been procrastinating. Hm…that’s a good reason to write…


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