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I apparently did it again (and again). I never write. Mostly it’s because I have a lot of other things that need doing. Like watching Boston Legal on DVD while we eat dinner.

My lease is up in June. I don’t know if we’ll be in a position at that point to buy a house or not. A lot of it depends on the employment situation. And while we originally figured we’d either buy a house (or not) at that point, recently we’ve been considering buying a duplex…we’d live in one unit and rent out the other. And eventually we’d buy a bigger place and rent out both units in the duplex. I have a friend who did the very same thing, and she’s glad they did – it’s allowed them to buy the house they wanted, along with some other things. There are hassles, but according to her it’s a great way to go.

So for now we’re researching how all this works and we’ll figure out whether it’s the right thing for us.

I’ve also done a little housecleaning…my bookmarks, not my bathroom (not that that doesn’t need to be done). I had a bunch of crap bookmarked that I just don’t need any more.


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